About Me


Hello, my name is Cole. I am currently a student at Arizona State University studying Robotics Engineering. I also do freelance CAD design and animation. In my spare time, I enjoy making things in the workshop and competing in robotics competitions.

I have always enjoyed building things and have loved toys like Legos and Knex since I was very young. However, I feel like I really got started making when I got a Lego Mindstorms kit when I was about 11. Soon after I got the kit, I received a book on how to build your own custom sensors for the Mindstorms controller. Following through the projects in this book got me started in building electronic circuits and in reverse-engineering devices. I later moved on to VEX Robotics which gave me the opportunity to design some interesting and complex mechanisms and BEST Robotics where I had to manufacture robot parts out of common items using a multitude of shop tools. These three robotics platforms all contributed to helping me learn about mechanics, electronics and fabrication.

I started this site while I was in high school to showcase my competition robots. All of the projects here are either my own, or done in conjunction with my brother. Occasionally, other people will contribute as well.